What does it mean to wear Thidols?

Thidols is more than a fashion brand. 

We believe an idol is someone who leads a positive change in the world. Entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, politicians, artists, you name it. 

As an impact brand, we believe in a circular economy, fair trade and making better choices. We use sustainable materials and we also have a strong commitment with environmental and humanitarian causes.

We want to give a different purpose to fashion. 

Every morning when you get dressed you have the power to change the world.

Why use a regular t-shirt or sweatshirt if you can use one that is fairly produced, can be recycled, is trendy and beautiful and at the same time spreads a message, raises awareness, sparks reactions and praises change?

Wearing Thidols means:

  • Raising awareness to environmental, social and humanitarian causes
  • Honoring real heroes for their work and impact
  • Directly contributing to the causes and foundations of the idols we praise
  • Wearing a sustainable garment, made in Portugal, respecting eco-friendly practices
  • Supporting fair and slow fashion
  • Looking good and feeling good about the choices you make
  • Having the right attitude and courage to change the world!

Thidols, wear your idols.