266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church


Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 17, 1936, to Italian immigrants. In 2013 he assumed the highest position in the Catholic Church, at a time when the institution was immersed in scandals and struggled against the growing disinterest of the faithful. He is the first pope from the Americas. 

From an early age, Pope Francis captivated believers and non-believers, not only because of the “cleaning of the house” he carried out, but also because of the humanist stance with which he always conducted his office, fighting against social inequalities, promoting dialogue between cultures and trying to bring the Catholic Church closer to current time.

Named Person of the Year by Time magazine in 2013, Pope Francis has embarked on a tenure characterized by humility and outspoken support of the world’s poor and marginalized people and has been involved actively in areas of political diplomacy and environmental advocacy. 

Throughout late 2014 and into 2015, Pope Francis continued his pattern of deep engagement with both political and environmental conflicts around the world. 

In June 2015, Pope Francis published the encyclical Laudato Si’. The encyclical has the subtitle “on care for our common home” and in it the Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental degradation and global warming and calls all people of the world to take a swift and unified global action. 

“We need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all.”

Pope Francis


Pope Francis makes an appeal to “place human rights at the heart of all policies, including development cooperation policies, even when this means going against the tide.”

Pope Francis is an unstoppable advocate for human dignity, that’s why we chose to join Amnesty International’s cause.

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We suggest watching Pope Francis: A Man of His Word, a documentary written and directed by Wim Wenders, that shows the Pope’s “work of reform and his answers to today’s global questions from death, social justice, immigration, ecology, wealth inequality, materialism, and the role of the family.” A co-production with the Vatican, the film also follows the Pope on his journeys around to world to places like the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem and Ground Zero to the Holy Land and Africa.

You can also watch The Two Popes on Netflix, a 2019 biographical drama film directed by Fernando Meirelles and written by Anthony McCarten. Predominantly set in the Vatican City in the aftermath of the Vatican leaks scandal, the film follows Pope Benedict XVI, played by Anthony Hopkins, as he attempts to convince Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, played by Jonathan Pryce, to reconsider his decision to resign as an archbishop as he confides his own intentions to abdicate the papacy.