Nelson Mandela Foundation


CAUSE: Fight against racism and discrimination

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on memory, dialogue and legacy work, founded by Nelson Mandela in 1999. The NMF is a committed facilitator of his living legacy and is mandated to promote his lifelong vision of freedom and equality for all.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation focuses its work on contributing to the making of just societies by mobilising the legacy of Nelson Mandela, providing public access to information on his life and times, and convening dialogue on critical social issues. The key objective is finding sustainable solutions to the problems confronting humanity. We aim to become a respected change agent in South Africa and beyond, with a global audience and an embedded practice of deep dialogue informed by robust research, analysis and evaluation.

Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela followed three rules throughout his life, which he did at great personal sacrifice: Free yourself. Free others. Serve every day. It was not just his mantra; it was his way of life.

The message behind the Nelson Mandela International Day campaign is simple – that each individual has the ability and responsibility to make an impact through public service. It is the activation of our Founder’s ethos and demonstrates that his vision has indeed inspired a global movement for good. The call to action is clear: take action, inspire change and make every day a Mandela Day.

The Mandela Day focus areas and goals until 2029 are: Education & Literacy, Food & Nutrition, Shelter, Sanitation and Active Citizenship.

No matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did every day.

Positive change was the gift left to all of us by Nelson Mandela, but it can only become a living legacy if we take up his challenge.

In the spirit of Madiba and his vision to spread social justice and freedom for all, this is your chance to become part of a continuous global movement for good.

By becoming someone who makes every day a Mandela Day by taking action against poverty, you can show others that actions speak louder than words.

Here you can find many suggestions of actions you can start today.

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