The Jane Goodall Institute


CAUSE: protecting chimpanzees and inspiring people to conserve the natural world we all share

“She blazed the trail. The next steps are up to us.”

Everything is connected. Everyone can make a difference.  

It’s amazing what happens when people see the difference they can make.

Once people realize their power to make a difference in the lives of their families, communities and environment, there’s no going back—only forward. The Jane Goodall Institute helps one success lead to another as we build on the impact we’re making together: restoring critical habitat to save chimpanzees from extinction; improving health for women and education for girls; cultivating local livelihoods in harmony with nature; and helping young people become the informed generation of conservation leaders the world so urgently needs through our Roots & Shoots youth programs in nearly 100 countries.

In 1900, an estimated 1 million chimpanzees lived in the wild.

Today, there are as few as 340.000.

Founded in 1992, the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center is one of the largest chimpanzee sanctuaries in Africa, with nearly 140 rescued and rehabilitated chimpanzees. In the Republic of Congo, Tchimpounga serves as a beacon of hope, taking in orphaned chimpanzees rescued from the illegal pet or bushmeat trade. Through the expert care of the JGI staff and the generous support of people just like you, Tchimpounga is a second chance for chimpanzees who have suffered. 

You can support their care and help the JGI keep their promise to never turn away a chimpanzee in need by becoming a Chimpanzee Guardian today.


290 chimpanzees and gorillas receive care in this sanctuary managed by the JGI.

600 girls have returned to school after receiving mentorship from a peer educator.

309 scholarships provided to young women to support their education.

When you support the Jane Goodall Institute, you make real change happen for people, animals and the natural world we all share. Now is the time to take a stand for what you love. Join us in bringing about tangible successes that give all of us reason to hope—and act—for a better world.

With your support, JGI can protect chimpanzees, conserve critical habitat while strengthening surrounding communities, and empower the next generation of conservation leaders.

Become a chimp guardian and give orphaned chimpanzees a second chance at life.

Learn more about The Jane Goodall Institute’s mission and how you can help this cause.

Nelson Mandela Foundation


CAUSE: Fight against racism and discrimination

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on memory, dialogue and legacy work, founded by Nelson Mandela in 1999. The NMF is a committed facilitator of his living legacy and is mandated to promote his lifelong vision of freedom and equality for all.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation focuses its work on contributing to the making of just societies by mobilising the legacy of Nelson Mandela, providing public access to information on his life and times, and convening dialogue on critical social issues. The key objective is finding sustainable solutions to the problems confronting humanity. We aim to become a respected change agent in South Africa and beyond, with a global audience and an embedded practice of deep dialogue informed by robust research, analysis and evaluation.

Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela followed three rules throughout his life, which he did at great personal sacrifice: Free yourself. Free others. Serve every day. It was not just his mantra; it was his way of life.

The message behind the Nelson Mandela International Day campaign is simple – that each individual has the ability and responsibility to make an impact through public service. It is the activation of our Founder’s ethos and demonstrates that his vision has indeed inspired a global movement for good. The call to action is clear: take action, inspire change and make every day a Mandela Day.

The Mandela Day focus areas and goals until 2029 are: Education & Literacy, Food & Nutrition, Shelter, Sanitation and Active Citizenship.

No matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did every day.

Positive change was the gift left to all of us by Nelson Mandela, but it can only become a living legacy if we take up his challenge.

In the spirit of Madiba and his vision to spread social justice and freedom for all, this is your chance to become part of a continuous global movement for good.

By becoming someone who makes every day a Mandela Day by taking action against poverty, you can show others that actions speak louder than words.

Here you can find many suggestions of actions you can start today.

Learn more about the Mandela Day actions here.

Find out more about Nelson Mandela Foundation and how you can help this cause.

Malala Fund

IDOL: Malala

CAUSE: Education for all

“I believe we will see every girl in school in my lifetime.”

This is Malala’s dream and Malala Fund’s mission.

Malala Fund breaks down the barriers preventing more than 130 million girls around the world from going to school. Girls’ education creates stronger economies, healthier communities and a safer world.

By 2025, the goal is to see a substantial increase in well-educated girls in the countries where Malala Fund works, improved and better-financed education systems and communities that offer girls equal opportunities to learn and actively support their ambitions.

Malala Fund is fighting to give back to girls what poverty, war and discrimination tried to take away. By donating to this cause, we’re giving all girls the opportunity to learn and lead.

A gift to Malala Fund supports girls’ secondary education projects around the world.

Find out more about Malala Fund and how you can help this cause.

Amnesty International

IDOL: Francis

CAUSE: Defending human rights

“The absolute minimum has three names: lodging, labor and land.”

For this idol, we associate the cause of human rights with Amnesty International.

Through detailed research and determined campaigning, Amnesty International fights abuses of human rights worldwide. They bring torturers to justice, change oppressive laws and free people jailed just for voicing their opinion.

Human rights change starts with the facts. Amnesty International’s experts do accurate, cross-checked research into human rights violations by governments and others worldwide. Then they use this analysis to influence and press governments, companies and decision-makers to do the right thing.
Through petitions, letters and protests, campaigners worldwide press for action from the people and institutions who can make change happen.

You can take action by joining or volunteering and also by donating to Amnesty International.

Every donation you make supports their work across the world – from helping the research teams expose hidden human rights abuses, to funding vital activism and campaigns so that they can challenge those in power.

Together we can fight for human rights everywhere. We can stop torture, demand equality for women and girls, and give hope to those facing attacks or imprisonment just because of who they are. Our donation can transform the lives of millions.

A donation to Amnesty International could help provide vital human rights education programs to people across the world, fund crucial support for peoples whose rights are being denied or put pressure on politicians to protect human rights.

Find out more about Amnesty International and how you can help this cause.

Reporters sans Frontières


CAUSE: Fighting fake news

“Freedom of expression and information is the first and most important of freedoms.”

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), for freedom of information.

Based in Paris, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is an independent NGO with consultative status with the United Nations, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF).
Founded by four journalists in the southern French city Montpellier in 1985, RSF is now one of the world’s leading NGOs in the defense and promotion of freedom of information.

Freedom of expression and information will always be the world’s most important freedom. If journalists were not free to report the facts, denounce abuses, and alert the public, how would we resist the problem of children-soldiers, defend women’s rights, or preserve our environment?

In some countries, torturers stop their atrocious deeds as soon as they are mentioned in the media. In others, corrupt politicians abandon their illegal habits when investigative journalists publish compromising details about their activities.
Still elsewhere, massacres are prevented when the international media focuses its attention and cameras on events.

Many entities act on RSF’s recommendations and RSF has developed indicators in order to evaluate the impact of its work. In recent years, it has seen a marked increase in reactions from governments to the publication of the World Press Freedom Index.
As an evaluation and advocacy tool, the Index is increasingly used by such bodies as the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the World Bank, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation in determining the allocation of development aid. Their reliance on the Index has helped to increase the attention that governments pay to freedom of information.

By helping RSF, we’re defending journalists and other media workers who are imprisoned or persecuted for doing their job, campaigning against laws designed to restrict press freedom, and fighting censorship.

Find out more about Reporters sans Frontières and how you can help this cause.