Some tips to change the world this season

December is on and most of us are already feeling Christmas season, with colorfull trees going up and lights on every window. Maybe Mariah Carey is fully playing on your Spotify playlists and maybe, also, you have even bought some presents, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This is an atypical year and there’s nothing better than rescue some seasonal habits to add a little sense of normality to our very much changed routines.

But December is much more than that. It is also an introspective month, when we soul search ourselves and look back through the ending year to find learnings that we can carry on to the new coming one. And it is a month when we open ourselves to others. We donate more. We care more about family and friends. Somehow, the love and joy of the season embodies us and it becomes the perfect time to make small gestures that can have big impact.

Today we bring you some tips about tiny changes on your Christmas and New Year’s Eve habits that can have a long lasting impact on the planet and humanity.

  • Consider second hand gifts. You don’t have to go to a second hand shop. But remember that time your best friend complimented on your dress? Or when your aunt loved your tea cups? You certainly can live without those little things and they make perfect and meaningful presents to the ones getting them.
  • Shop from small producers. When you buy from a small business your impact is almost immediate. Not only you are helping that family money wise, but also your appreciation validates their ideas and effort.
  • Search for gifts that came with an extra impact: shop merchandising from ONGs or buy products that donate to a cause.
  • Offer experiences. People have too many stuff. And best things in life are not things. Consider offer a concert ticket, a lunch with sea view, a day in a park.
  • Wrap your presents in old newspapers and magazines. You certainly have some around, don’t you?
  • Donate your things. Christmas season is always a perfect opportunity to clean your closet and to look at your own stuff with a different approach. Maybe you don’t need half of your jeans and your kid don’t play with all those toys. And someone may need it much more and would be so grateful to have it.
  • Avoid returns. Yes, those socks don’t match your outfits. And you really hate the blue of those plates. But some stores never restock returning itens and they end up in landfills, with a great cost to environment. Re-offer unwanted gifts to someone you think would do a better use (without any guilt) or, even better, donate them.
  • Offer yourself a yearly subscription of impact. How? Just choose a cause you want to advocate for in the coming year. And each month make a donation for a related ONG.
  • Have a couple of impact resolutions on your New Year’s list. Here’s some good suggestions: don’t buy fast fashion, eat less meat, avoid flying, volunteer for a cause. Go easy on yourself. We know how we all fail all resolutions by the end of January. So be realistic. Prefer baby steps. They are the best way to get the greater achievements.

Comment on our social media with your own ideas for an impactful season. We would love to hear them.

Let the joy of this Christmas inspire us and together we can bring change to the world, just by doing small little changes on our own way of doing things.