Why Thidols?

Thidols (from T-shirt + idols) was born out of an idea: what if we could wear our idols – real heroes, people that have a positive impact in the world – everyday?

Don’t get us wrong. We grew up admiring idols from music bands, movie stars, football players – all in the spotlight.

But what if we also look up to inspiring people that are making a positive change in the world through their work?

That’s our mission: to raise awareness and honor the work and legacy of inspiring people who change the world and make it a better place.

We intend to stimulate civic and social involvement by our society in different causes and we’re planning to do it in a creative way through fashion.

Brand with a cause

Thidols is an impact brand, sustainable and ethical. Our mission is to raise awareness to social issues and to increase people’s involvement in different causes. Social, environmental, humanitarian causes – all of them are important and every contribution is crucial to make the world a better place. 

Through fashion and accessories, we can express our beliefs, we can trigger curiosity, we can start a conversation topic about a cause, we can teach and learn something new to someone everyday.

Everyone can be actively involved in these causes, either by donating time, energy or funds. We simply offer a new approach to raise awareness and getting involved in these causes. 

Thidols works closely with foundations and NGOs connected with the causes we are honoring in each collection.

For each product sold, we make a contribution to the chosen institution. 

We will also work alongside them to spread their work and word.

We care about the planet

Everything we make has an impact on the planet.

We cannot aspire to a better world without thinking about our footprint. 

We’re aware that the fashion industry is one of the most polluent to our environment. That’s why we’re conscious about the process. 

And that is the reason why we take slow fashion to the letter.

It takes time to make things right and to create things from scratch. 

It takes more time because we have a small structure, because we want to be involved in every decision and every step of the way.

We’re lucky to live in a country with so many textile production possibilities. And we’re proud to support the local economy and local factories. We go there, we meet the workers and the people who craft every piece. We don’t make our own products, but we hold to the highest environmental and social standards in the industry and we lean on our suppliers to do the same.

We know that quality isn’t cheap but our first commitment is with Mother Nature.

There is no planet B and we’re not here to make it any harm. We believe we’re making more good than harm, so that’s what keeps us going.

We look for fair and sustainable materials. Organic cotton, natural certified dyes, local producers whenever it is possible, recyclable packaging.

Organic Cotton

Instead of regular cotton, which requires pesticides and degrades the soil over time, we use certified organic cotton, a much cleaner alternative. It is made from natural seeds and it keeps water, soil and air clean by not using pesticides or other harmful chemicals. It also releases much less CO2 during production, which means that it also saves a lot of energy.


Recyclable materials

It is important to think not only about the origin of the materials we use but also about the life cycle of those sources and the end of our products’ life cycle. 

Having that in mind, we can assure that our products are 100% recyclable/ biodegradable. As a completely natural material grown in fields, organic cotton is biodegradable, which means it can go back to where it came from, without filling up landfill.


Environmentally friendly dyes

We use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified dyes, which means they are non-toxic and biodegradable. With this certification, we rest assured that factory workers, consumers and the environment are protected.


Eco-friendly packaging

Taking impact seriously means that we think about every step of our process. So, our packaging is also environmentally friendly. Your products will arrive home coming in recycled paper packages and protected by an organic and biodegradable bag. And have you met our vouchers? They’re made in seed paper. This means that after use, you can turn into a beautiful flower.

We stand for quality over quantity because we believe that producing less, buying less, using less resources, is the only way to have a better planet. That is only possible when we have quality garments that last longer and when we care deeper about our products.

That’s why we recommend to cold wash and hang dry our products, so they last longer and also to use up less resources. 

We keep searching for the most sustainable options to minimize our environmental footprint. We’re learning and committed to make the best choices, knowing that quality has a price. Our priority is to have a quality product that is good both for the people and the planet.


Our collections are thought with one idea in common: bringing names and people that have a positive impact in the world to the spotlight.

All products are designed by us. We want simple yet appealing products. 

We started in 2019 with a pilot collection of five idols: Greta Thunberg, Stephen Hawking, António Guterres, Margaret Vestager and Elon Musk.

Our first official collection, launched in 2020 and called Names, is based on other five idols: Jane Goodall, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis and George Orwell.

All of them represent different values and causes. All of them contributed to a positive change in our world. Now it’s our turn to thank and honor them.

Learn more about the Names collection idols and their causes here and about the Impact and the foundations we’re supporting here.

Names Collection

Vibrant colours are the main visual identity of this collection. All together, they also represent diversity, unity, art, multiculturality. 

Simplicity is the key behind every product’s DNA. Just one name, thought provoking, a conversation piece – who knows?

All the products suit perfectly to every situation. 

We recommend their use in high dosis, with attitude and courage to change the world!